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Built  For  The  Absolute  Toughest   Environments

The goal from the beginning was to develop a “boat” that would offer the sheer toughness  and utility of a welded aluminum jon boat and the sophistication of a shallow water skiff with its quiet, smooth ride in a chop; nice molded top deck with easy to clean non-skid.  

Put your SaltMarsh Hybrid in at the boat ramp next to a big dollar glass bass boat and smile knowing you paid  a jon boat price.   We’re just trying to build the best of both worlds..and we will continue to evolve this idea with feedback from you, our customers.

We can supply additional backing plates during the build per your specifications for securely mounting any specialized equipment.  Call and we’ll have our engineer work  with your team  to meet your requirements.

Lightest Boat In Its Class for Easy Field Deployment

Commercial & Emergency Operations

How Do We Do This?

The SaltMarsh concept is based on using kevlar laminates in high strength and tough resins.   We could not have developed this concept even just 2 years ago at this price, but recent resin research has allowed us to push the performance/cost envelope.

Of course kevlar fabric is the standard  in armor vests and troop protection.  In combination with the new resins, the kevlar makes for one tough boat!   We don’t male a big deal of it, but we also add carbon fiber at critical load points in the hybrid hull.

Who knows what lies beneath those dark waters around the next bend?  Oyster bars, rocks maybe even a sunken boat from the last hurricane.  Our hybrid jons / skiffs are built for the everyday life in these waters for either work or relaxation.  These tough boats feature kevlar laminates, the same stuff found in bullet-proof vests and our troops' helmets.  They're lightweight and extraordinarily strong and built to last.  Don't confuse these with old school loud, flat bottom aluminum boats.  All our models have a full length Mod V bottom design for a smooth quiet ride

Our smaller models fit into the back of a pickup truck and are easy to drag out to some remote fishing hole or duck pond.  Lightweight but safe as they exceed all government flotation and safety requirements.

From fishing to hunting to work, our salt marsh hybrids will open up new possibilities.  Check our extensive options and let us put together just what you want!

What Does Hybrid Mean?

The Salt Marshes

Kevlar - Lots of Kevlar Bi-Ax Fabric! Note the
3 keels for tracking - no sliding!